In our lives, the idea of being a mature, wholesome individual adult is something we aspire to be. We all want to know how to be responsible. How to keep our priorities straight. Or live the right way through our values. In business, where people are involved, so too is a level of maturity. If you’re a business owner, we’re sure you’ve come across mature and immature people and businesses alike.

You know, the ones that either CAN or CANNOT:

  • Make the right time for a meeting
  • Speak with clarity and know what they want
  • Dress appropriately for the event

Now these things are learnt as we get older and work with adults. As we mature. So how does this connect with websites? As a Web Development company, we believe the same things we recognize in the right “business behaviour” can be seen on a company’s website!

Does your website reflect a certain “maturity” ?

Mature businesses reflect their expertise online with the following:

  • They understand their industry, without bragging about it, with high-intellectual jargon that nobody understands. They just know their stuff and know how to show it online (with pictures/videos and expertly-written content)
  • They understand what their best clients expect in terms of service/products and they deliver on this. Their websites acutely place this “social proof” online by means of testimonials.
  • Their websites look damn stylish! Just as you wouldn’t show up to a business meeting in a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops – your website has to STYLE UP.

Be thoughtful when you choose someone to design your website. Without delving too deeply into it –

When businesses really put:

  • time,
  • effort,
  • and energy 

All aimed at building a phenomenal website that showcases their maturity and value – They wind up with something that their clientele can’t help but say:

“Wow – that’s a great website!”

What kind of website do you have?