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Wednesday, April 24, 2024



Wow that’s an odd question.

But an important distinction to make.

Do you customers keep coming back because they love your company, its beliefs and love to be around your culture of personality?

Or do they stick around for your cheap-ish prices and moderate service?

Often, we find that few businesses that get the first option right –

Creating such a wonderful cult-of-personality that their clients see every product, every service as a GIFT from their favourite company…

We could name a certain Apple company for getting this right so consistently… Now, you never want to start a cult –

But to understand that when your clients:

  • BELIEVE in your business, 
  • the problems you aim to SOLVE 
  • and the MANNER in which you do so

Real magic happens – this is very important. Your potential customers will happily buy into your products/services, because they know it’s going to a good cause.

So, how do you get your customers to believe in your business

What problems are you looking to solve?

This is a good place to start. Nandos (fast-food chain) doesn’t just serve hot cooked chicken – they have a spicy personality that you get to see in their adverts! They’re provocative and honest – which connects with so many South African people.  They have solved the problem of bland, generic fast food chains, and people believe in their brand by eating their food.

What products/services do you offer to fix this problem?

This is very important. If your customers truly believe in your belief, your goal to fix a particular issue, then the decision to invest in your services becomes super easy to make. If you take a look at Nando’s philosophy of “Bringing the magic of Peri Peri to everyone humanly possible” – they really do what they say! Bringing delicious spicy food to as many people, all along with their spicy personality which reflects in all their advertisements…

So, take a look at your company today – what is the core beliefs and problems you aim to align and solve?

And how can you get this done starting today?