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Wednesday, April 24, 2024



It’s common knowledge that here in South Africa, we have a little catching up to do. With the bulk of SA business owners still DECIDING whether or not they even NEED a website, compared to American businesses that see a website as VITAL to getting new clients in the door…  The thing is, when your decision is to simply GET a website, not GET a website that is CURRENT, UP-TO-DATE and MATURE – you don’t get a G.R.E.A.T website.

What does a great website look like? Great websites are highly profitable. They bring you customers like nobody’s business.

The “Great” in G.R.E.A.T Websites stands for 

  • Generally,
  • Reputable, 
  • Educational and 
  • Transformative

Your website needs to display a clean reputation (happy customers, useful services/products, the website works), it needs to give your readers something from your industry they can’t forget (educational) and lastly…

It needs to transform your reader’s perception of you. They need to transform into customer. They need to transform into someone that believes in your brand.

You can achieve this with a website that is slick, it looks GOOD and lastly it works well.

  • If you have an E-commerce Website – the SALE of your stuff needs to happen SMOOTHLY – Your customers should easily be able to buy your products!
  • If you have a Rotational Website (designed to educate your customers), customers should be able to easily rotate through your services and educate themselves about you, in their own time.
  • If you run a blog, each and every blog should provide a tangible benefit to the reader. They should be able to do something with it.

A mature website has a goal. And it achieves that goal time and time again. Based on the above, what goals have you set for your website to achieve? Has it achieved these goals and is largely profitable? For more insights on the goals around website design, follow us on our blog or Facebook page.