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Tuesday, July 16, 2024



Whether you invest in a normal website, an online shop or even a social media page. You tell your customers you trust your service and products enough to share them. Every time your business does something – it reflects your belief in your business.

– If you offer a product or service … You must believe it’s worth selling

– Are you running an ad? You must believe more people need what you have to offer.

– Have you created a seamless way, via your social media/website, for your clients (new and old) to find what you have to offer?

In all of these – you are reflecting a deep belief in your business, your brand and your offers to customers. The question is, how deeply do you believe in your business?

At Zoomination, we think there’s an easy way to look at this:

The question is, how deeply do you believe in your business?

– If you make it very EASY for your clients to reach you, see you and do business with you – you have to believe deeply in the value you have to offer.

– Conversely, if you make it HARD for customers to find you to do business with you – you showcase less of a belief in your business.

For example, if you’re a company that sells mountain-biking…

And MOST of your future customers are younger and use FACEBOOK to find out the latest, greatest things in mountain biking…

Sticking your advertisement where younger people find most of their favourite items online shows a real belief in what you have to offer.

And when you believe in your business, your products and your service – your customers reciprocate that belief by buying into whatever you offer.

When you do decide to take steps to build a website online – think about the belief you have in your business – it may change how much input and effort you want to place on whatever you do!