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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Every single business on the planet can give a product or deliver a service. The fact that you may give quality products or deliver a great service may mean something to you, but here’s something to consider: Giving a great service or product is the start… It’s where you get compared based on price, it’s where your business is compared to everyone else. Where can you stand out? You can choose to deliver an amazing experience to your customers. (whoa!)

Do you know what characterizes a special experience for your clients?


Here you are, in whichever industry you are in, where your clients “just about” know what to expect from you… If you are a hardware supplier, your clients will “just about” know how “you guys” work, right?

We’re here to combat the idea your potential customers have of “yeah, I think I know what I’m in for here…”

#2. IT HAS TO BE CONSISTENT (They get this all the time)

On the first sale, you’ve gone out of your way to make the buying experience extra special for your clients!

They notice it and feel inclined to buy from you again, but on the second time, something happens – they get an experience that isn’t great! They are sad to find out that the experience they first got, is drastically different than their first time… Imagine the shock this would create?


If your experience challenges your clients’ expectations and is consistent throughout your business’s stores, there is a great chance that the experience you give will be memorable! This will be known as the thing that makes your business recognized! So how does one create a unique and awesome experience for your clients?

In the following three ways, we’ll teach you exactly what it takes to give your clients a proper experience in addition to your existing products!


If your clients, potential or existing, have things to say about your service, negative OR positive, that’s something to pay attention to…

Did you know that even negative comments about your business can be turned into opportunities to build better relations with them?   Think about it. If you had a negative experience with a restaurant, for example, the dish turned up cold!  And the owner himself, came out, apologized and took the time out to get you your original dish again as well as sponsored you a dessert at the end of the evening to make up for it… wouldn’t you feel good for their insistence to make it right? Being attentive to your clients’ needs is a brilliant way to make someone feel valued, and that’s what’ll keep a client close…


Treat your existing clients’ like celebrities, and recognize them when you can! It is crazy how making people feel good about visiting your business can make it easy for them to visit again!

Give the right value, every time, and you will see that that kind of experience, keeps your clients coming back to you, every time!


Picture this:

You have built up a relationship with 100 dream clients, that consistently choose you over your competitors and consistently make it easy for you to give them more value!  Isn’t it easy to personalize your clients’ orders at this point?  You have a database of information, based on their past purchases, so it becomes easy for you to prepare and choose products for them, purely because of the relationship you have built!

Make your products and experiences personal to your clients, and they will remember the experience over the product! Building relationships, not bank accounts, is one of the best ways to get and retain customers! How does one do this?

Put your focus on giving experiences, not products and you will see how your clients choose you first!