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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Picture this: Yourself in line for the till, at your favourite grocery store.

To your left and right ranges all the millions of sweets, chips, mints, ice-creams and chocolates you could possibly imagine.

Here stands the greatest example of upselling known to man:

You find yourself buying a cold drink in addition to whatever you’re there to buy and you feel great, knowing it was your decision to buy it. This is the point of cross-selling – it makes it easy – because you’re already there to buy something. If you do it right, whether it be on your online shop or instore building, you could double, triple your sales… and have happier customers! Here are the DO’s and DON’Ts of cross-selling

DON’T – Set out a million extra options!

Millions of options make people confused and pressured to buy – creating a sense of unease.

Keeping the additional options limited and tailored towards the product makes it easier, as your customer is already buying!

DO – Get to know your customers!

Understanding your customers’ tastes and preferences helps you to better recommend great products with their purchases! 

For example, if you know your customer LOVES merlot wine, offer them something in that line, that they firstly will like, and secondly will be willing to pay a bit more – assuming you’ve informed them of the value behind it!

DON’T – Overdo it!

Nothing is more annoying than a sale that just doesn’t seem to stop – maintain a few items that pair nicely with the appropriate product you’re selling and keep at it!

DO – Maintain the 25 percent rule!

If the price of the product you’re selling in addition to the original is higher than the original product by 25 percent…. Don’t sell it!

You don’t want the customer to feel ripped off, so keep within the price range of the product they are buying first! Do you want the way to see how it all works in YOUR specific industry? Only you can decide that! It’s time to go and test the waters!