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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Sales Mastery



Do you know when the sales process starts?

As the business owner, you probably might say:
“Well, when our top sales consultant, Hendrik, gets on the line with the customer…”


“Our sales begin when the client sits in front of us – then we get to close that deal, 9 times out of 10.”

And you wouldn’t be wrong. This is time spent in front of the customer, that’ll create an outcome, yes or no and how many do you want?

But what if we told you that you could greatly increase your time spent in front of the customer, and increase the chances of someone buying into what you have?

 What if you could be in front of the customer without being in front of the customer? At Zoomination, we believe that businesses should interrogate the journey their customers take with them. To look at what your customer will experiences as they make their way to actually buying something of yours.

How can we make it better? That’s right friendly reader – by injecting a bit of value into their journey!

1. Your adverts can be valuable/educational to your clients

If you are using Facebook to run adverts for your business – your ears may perk up around now…

Have you considered giving something away? We mean, dedicating adverts solely designed to educate your customers? This is what we mean by “valuable ads” – You compile a set list of teaching points that you believe will actually help your reader improve their situation. Something your reader might share to a friend.

You could create a simple landing page where any person can download it and use it immediately (in exchange, they need only give you a handful of email details!)

2. Have you considered a mailing list?

By this we don’t mean a “send out your promotions every week” list. This can come across as transactional (you only want them to buy from you.) We mean, a mailing list, where you mail your customers, current and future, interesting things.

Something you didn’t have to do but chose to – because it provides value to people in a way your products do not. The best reason to do this is because it’ll give you control over your own list (you won’t be subject to a Facebook rule changes, or a Google Ads price increase.)

If you feel you don’t have time to do this as a business owner – you can always hire a young writer to do it for you – explain your vision to them and see what they can create in line with your industry experience.

You’ll be surprised – people will love your business more for it!

3. Think of your clients on a lifetime basis

On Zoomination (our way of teaching entrepreneurs directly!), when we ask businesses whether they have repeat customers or not –

The answer normally sounds similar to: “Not really…”

(Unless they are ongoing service/supply businesses)

If we were to treat this like a research poll, we’d find the majority of businesses aren’t giving their customers something to return to! Yet, if someone has already bought something from you and had a good experience – wouldn’t they be more likely to buy from you again – if given a good deal? Can you get creative about inventing a new product/service offering to your customers to keep them coming back?

Hint: You can intersperse this incredible offering between valuable, educational mails

Sometimes we limit the sale to sitting in front of the customer

And that makes us transactional in nature…

But there is so much more to this than we realize. You can build up a ton of value in the minds of your readers – so that when they do come to buy your products/services – they feel like they are giving back to you (as opposed to just being sold something!)