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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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You could go out and bash out some Facebook adverts, directing people to “call now” and make some sales. Your business could have. You could even make some money doing that! But it’s important to take note…

You’re only relying on your own data. Your own research. Your own successes and your own spend, per advertisement. Your business needs something to compare itself to. To be cutting edge, you need to know where that edge is…

And sadly, we’re finding a lot of entrepreneurs seemingly walking blind, with one arm behind their back, relying on their own intuition only…

  • Could you be constantly discovering “business-technique” books, written by champion business owners?
  • Could you seek out business performance consultants who have worked with companies in your industry before?
  • You could compare notes?

Okay – so you’ve decided to forgo the “school fees” of making mistakes and invest with some real school fees! How do we go about doing that?

#1. Find somebody you share values with

Do you value being unapologetically authentic? How about blunt optimism in the face of facing the world? We are certain there are people out there you can follow on Facebook, Youtube etc. once you get into “research mode…” What do you value? and how can you incorporate this in the business leaders you’d like to learn from?

#2. Subscribe to their free stuff

The best people to follow give so much value from the onset. You’ll find educational material, sometimes funny posts but above all, you’ll be able to get to understand this person’s way of thinking. At Zoomination, we believe that once you understand the “leader you admire,” their communication style and their general body of work – It makes it wonderful to check out other authors and practice the habit of daily learning.

#3. Do they have online courses? Plug into them!

The only way to understand the depth of their work is to check out the validity of their courses. We are of course, describing the real expertise, that leads to specific outcomes on implementation. This is normally held with a price tag, to indicate its real value…

Call this part of your Research & Development budget…

#4. Put what they teach into practice

Some strategies work. When you can use someone’s expertise and it improves your business all around – that’s a great strategy. If it consistently grows your mindset and you find yourself engaging with the same problems in a different way – that’s an incredibly helpful strategy.

#5. Find Someone Else And Repeat

Look, what we’re describing here is the habit of “always learning.” If you’re the owner of the company and you find that you’re continuously putting out fires, running out of time – that’s an indicator of something! The typical answer to this is “work harder” (or something) – you’d be surprised how few entrepreneurs actively make it their mission to solve these larger problems with learning!

So, what can you do today to change something for the better in your business?