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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Sales Mastery



If you were the best salesperson in the world, what would you do?

Would you sell Bentleys? Or PABX office software?

Often enough, it actually doesn’t matter what you sell, so much as that you sell a lot of it. Anywhere you go – there you are – and boy, do you sell well. The words flow out of your mouth without restraint, and you capture the attention of clients all over the place (and commissions…) You pretty much write your own paycheck on any continent on the planet.

But what happens if you added in that little nagging thing called: “shame”?  It’s something we all experience in the world of selling.

  • We get rejected on the phone, a lot (while honing our skillset),
  • We experience the feelings of tension, stress, anxiety all day,
  • Sometimes customers are disappointed in what we offer and send it back, or even ask for a refund,

This goes on and on for years. All these things bottle up somewhere inside of us – which holds our superb selling ability at bay.

Pretty soon, we start attributing that feeling of shame and resentment towards our craft… the craft of “sales.” Our sales go down. We rely more and more on selling on features and benefits, in fact, they’re all we cling to as we try to maintain the customer’s mild attention. We are no longer the best salesperson in the world.


We believe that it involves a handful of things, but it all starts with belief:

  • First, do you believe in what you’re selling?
    It’s always easier to sell when you see how it helps people. Zig Ziglar would say that selling is something you do for a client, not to them. So, do you believe in what you’re selling? Whether you answer yes, or no, leads us to the next step.
  • Second, how is this true?
    If we can find the merits of what we’re selling, and see how it improves the lives of our customers, much longer than it does our own bank accounts… Could you find more reasons why so many customers are happy with what you’ve given them, in their lives, in exchange for the initial price tag?
  • Lastly, compile it and write it down
    We believe that if you start to list the benefits your service/product provides over the long term… You can see your impact again. For example, we offer the “Zoomination Mondays” online business learning platform. We know it’s helpful to the business owners who attend every single Monday, because their feedback follows the lines of: “We’re not sure what’s different specifically, but it feels our business is getting better and we’re making better decisions.” Getting this feedback again and again reminds us that what we do matters – it enables us to believe in what we’re doing…

You can be the best salesperson on the planet – but if you find yourself hampered by feelings of shame, your sales will inevitably correlate with how you feel.

It’s good to connect again with the good we do in our work, and hopefully, this practice will help you!