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Tuesday, July 16, 2024



In our years of running seminars and connecting with business owners nationwide, we’ve come across a few grey areas, in the minds of who we meet. Namely, business owners don’t really get “business automation.

“What is it? Can I eat it?”

A country’s value is nowadays viewed in its ability to adopt new tech. Automating your business is like taking somebody from the Dark ages, and showing him the internet. Business automation is a lot to take in when you start! This is why we’d like to break it down a bit.

A great business automation installation will do a few things for a company:

  • Your staff have more time to creatively engage with your business
  • Nobody is working with paper, anymore
  • The accounting process happens in like, half the time
  • Customers get all-around more communication
  • You, the business owner, feel more relieved

Business automation software eliminates time-wasting paperwork sent through the office and reduces the chance of paper getting lost. Implementing process automation, you can create and track:

  • All your quotations
  • Job cards
  • Invoices
  • Client info, from any computer, ever
  • Business’s admin process because it’s so much simpler

Allow your customers to sign off the work done and send you feedback on the work that was done. Scheduling has been made easy to utilise the calendar for meetings, job and delivery scheduling. Having all your information on one singular sy stem makes it easy to track your numbers and staff efficiency. There’s a lot to it – it’s a multi-faceted idea – but ultimately, it boils down to what you want. Do you want a simplified business? (Say yes!)