Financial Intelligence

How to get out the way of something you can’t see


When the world of business changes all around us in a flash… What’s the next step? Business owners all around South Africa were caught in a rapid lockdown last year –

The ones that did well, had a handful of good things going for them:

  • Their businesses were streamlined and doing well already (automated)
  • Their reserves gave them enough time to re-strategize (planning beforehand)
  • They could creatively pivot their businesses (not locked to one service/product)

The businesses that were hurt, unfortunately found themselves in a vicious cycle. Due to factors like:

  • Their businesses were not streamlined, in fact, it seemed like their systems fought the chance for slick service/profit every step of the way!
  • They had little to no reserves, month-to-month businesses that weren’t cash-rich or had high-yield profits
  • Their mindsets weren’t in the “creative zone”, rather set on doing the same thing over and over, asking the world to give the business better results (somehow)

This is where we discovered that “knowing your numbers” isn’t just a cute saying. It’s a call to awareness. It’s the thorn in your foot, that begs you to do something different.

The results of our decisions happen long after we even knew we made the decision – but luckily, you can start today. At Zoomination, we work to align ourselves with business experts that give us insights on new technology, streamlining solutions and accounting tips.

All to help businesses for the better. Slaving away at your business for 18 hours a day to make some profit is no profit at all… And this is what we set out to change.

We provide blogs about automated accounting solutions to businesses that want to improve.

  • Create less work for yourself and your staff
  • Have accurate numbers on hand to make the right decisions
  • Make your accounting paperless, from regular invoicing to VAT submissions

You can stay tuned for more!