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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Financial Intelligence

The 21st century is literally begging for you to be aware of these 3 accounting tips (new technology)


Right now, we’re living in a new(er) age – with new software, technologies and paths to double, triple (while we’re here, why not, quadruple) your income appearing almost every week… Most business owners in South Africa offer a great service. Or a great product. But something gets in the way… But why do these same businesses not get the tangible wealth their competitors seem to gain? Their growth is clearly held back by something. Many of these businesses offer something truly unique, truly helpful to more customers. Yet, it’s the same problems: Stodgy systems, old tech, paper-based accounting methods… What we are describing today, is an issue that’s not actually all that new – we’re describing a fear of change. Yes, the age old fear of change. While your granny has only just now gotten the handle on Facebook, you (our dear business owner) may find yourself quivering at the idea of implementing cloud-based accounting into your business!

We’ve compiled 3 things you can observe today, that would streamline your business if you investigated and implemented them:

1. Going eco-friendly: Paper invoices waste time and space

One of the biggest productivity killers out there? Yes – you guessed it – using paper to do your accounting, send invoices and generally, conduct a business…

This pretty much immediately went out of fashion last year… forcing us to find alternatives. And it’s a good thing there are alternatives out there!

There are online CRM options you can use to send/receive invoices. They also work faster, can link to your accounting software and go the extra mile by giving you the chance to mail customers from the system. At Zoomination, we personally love to us BizBot Systems (CRM), but also are aware that online accounting softwares give you the chance to mail invoices digitally.

2. Investigate cloud-based accounting software: Know your numbers anytime – anywhere

We find that the business owners that achieve consistent success, are able to make a decision quickly and follow that idea through to an outcome. Whatever outcome that may be… (The opposite being, the business owners that agonize over a decision for months yet change it on a whim) Therefore, it’s worthy to mention that the best business owners have to be able to make decisions quickly.

If you were going to make a great decision right now, wouldn’t you want to have your company numbers with you, right now? Cloud-based accounting gives you this chance – to know your numbers wherever you are and make better decisions.

3. Tech gets better, we get better

When your business has been streamlined, utilizes slick software and is running on wheels – it’s valuable to find businesses that can help you discover what the next steps to take are. This is where “experience” comes into play. Try to find businesses that have bridged the gap between old and new in themselves.

If they’ve done it, they could probably offer the service to help you do it. They tend to ask the right questions, and could streamline the entire process for you too!

To be a successful business owner you need to adapt with what’s new.

Even when it’s terrifying. Especially when it’s terrifying. The only thing that has to stay constant is your success in this ability to adapt. We hope this article helped you – and good luck!