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Wednesday, April 24, 2024



(Answering your favourite questions, like “What is a Splash Page” and “Can I Eat It?”)

Maybe you’ve heard of it. Then again, maybe you haven’t. But you know what – Today, it feels like a good day to offer our Zoomination explanation of Splash Pages 101.

Maybe you’ve heard of it. Then again, maybe you haven’t. But you know what – Today, it feels like a good day to offer our Zoomination explanation of Splash Pages 101.

  1. So, what is a Splash Page?
    A Splash Page is a website you create that only has one page. This page doesn’t link back to your company’s main website. In fact, think of it as an island on its own, a page that once opened, can’t be returned to. Now, you may be asking…
  2. Why should I get a Splash Page?
    Have you heard the expression “a confused mind does not buy?” Well, a Splash Page is your number one cure for confusion. Anybody you direct towards it will only be allowed to focus on one thing.
  3. What one thing should I put on my Splash Page?
    With your readers’ focus, you have caught their vital attention. And you’d better make it worth their while. Time’s ticking.  

Your Splash Page is a prime location to include a special you’d like to run (drive sales) or offer an information pack (educate your clients, get into contact.) Ultimately, a splash page is one piece of the puzzle. But it’s a fundamentally important piece – you see, with the right advert driving the right people towards this page – you can drive human behaviour. Whether it be buying a discounted pot-plant, or the person putting their email into your mailing list, in exchange for an “AMAZING INFO PACK THAT’LL SAVE THEM LIKE 70% IN ACCOUNTING EXPENSES…”

Driving your clients’ behaviour into a certain direction doesn’t have to be some weird abstract thing. You know your customers have a love for your products, you’re just focusing their attention on it for a while and letting them decide. Here’s how you can help them do just that:

#1 – “Package” your products/services nicely

We have spoken about this idea in depth before, but let’s shortly sum it up… Your “dream clients out there” are only going to give you 1-2 seconds to check out what you put in front of them. Consider whether you can “hold” this idea in one hand – from delivery to the outcome it brings. Can we link it to blog “ (WITHOUT YOU KNOWING IT) ONE HIDDEN THING IS KEEPING YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY “

#2 – Display this “packaged” idea the best way it can be displayed

You need to think:” What can I do to be exciting/attention-grabbing enough for these guys?” We believe that a simple description does not do justice to any product/service, especially if you’re only describing the features. You need to be able to show the outcome (benefits) your packaged idea will bring to your reader’s life. Videos, pictures, and compelling writing – if you don’t have the time and want to really do it right, hire someone that does it every day

#3 – Reflect this “packaged” idea in your adverts, and on your Splash Page

This takes a little bit of preparation, and for this you need a good social media marketer, and a great web designer. Ask any experienced social media marketer and they will tell you their ads aren’t aimed to sell the product – They’re designed to get clicks. Clicks that take your reader to your Splash Page. A great web designer will be able to see your “packaged” deal and accentuate its value with a Splash Page. Like any entertaining show, a great Splash Page “unfurls” each level of value with every “thumb-scroll” your reader takes. You see how important it is that your reader doesn’t lose focus? The cure for confusion is in the fact that the Splash Page presents this way. Eventually, your splash page will do what it should, direct your readers to make the right choice. Did this help you understand what a Splash Page is? We hope so. We’ll be bringing out our versions of what specific websites are and how you can use their essential roles to boost your online presence. Stay tuned!