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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Did you know that your readers speak a different language to you? That’s right. Your lucky Lucy only has a handful of moments to glance at her phone, whether she’s waiting for her Uber, or is about to go into her next meeting. What keeps her scrolling? What keeps her clicking?

You might even catch yourself doing this.

Are you aware of how much people pay to be front-and-center on this “high-speed-information-highway?”

50% of online traffic is accounted for by mobile phones – and you’d better believe there is a high-ticket-price to grip your potential clients’ eyeballs and lead them down a better path (yours.)


There is a communication issue… Most businesses are not speaking “high-speed-enough.” And when you only have 2 seconds to grab your prime clients’ attention, you need to learn how to be specific. And the only way to be specific online, is to package your ideas better. Whether you are selling a “lawn-mower” or “expert consultation services” – You need to be able to package your “whatever” as a product. “Products” are specific. “Products” are tangible. “Products” have clear goals and outcomes. But there are a lot of businesses that don’t package their products, or services – there’s a lot of vagueness. We hope our clients can grasp how our solutions will help them – We hope our customers know what outcome to expect (Typically, this happens because we hope our readers just “get it,” we assume they know what we know.)

Here’s how you can beat “online vagueness”

#1 – Focus on one service/product and make a “sweet deal”
By “sweet deal”, we don’t mean a 5% discount for this month only. We’d suggest you get a bit creative! Create something new, something that you know, based on your years of connecting with your clients, would grab their attention online.

#2 – Create one online website, that showcases this sweet deal
Now, we aren’t describing the typical business’s main website today, what with its million products sprawled across a mobile-unfriendly page… (you know the ones) We’re talking about a splash page, a one-page website designed to promote and get people to engage with your “sweet deal” online. (You’ve probably heard of these ones.)

#3 – Get traffic to visit this one online website, showcasing this sweet deal
There are a handful of ways to get traffic. The fact is that you can’t write them all off– there probably is one for you. Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn. Your industry will see different results per each site’s dynamic – but let this one idea stick with you…

Pretty much everyone has built up habits around being social online. Your dream selection of clientele is out there, doing things. (that’s right, things.) The best online marketers understand how to find these clientele (well, they don’t know they are yet) direct these people to the right place, for the results they actively describe and seek. Your goal should be able to invite your best type of client towards your business with a sweet deal (with a lot of value) and let them check your splash page out. And if you don’t know where to start, start looking for experts – trust us, they’re out there! This is one simple way of thinking, that beats “online vagueness.”

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