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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Sales Mastery



It’s better than a phone call. You can do slideshow presentations. Heck, you can even share your screen and show the client “what’s what.” And you don’t even need to make eye contact. Yes, you guessed it, we’re describing zoom, the latest and greatest (*it’s been around for years) conference app that turns your laptop into a super-charged jet engine. Zoom has fast become the mainstay word of 2020-2021 and while it may be one of many, it is still the idea that counts. Using a conferencing app to conduct sales meetings has been a game-changer for so many business owners around the world – you don’t even need to wear pants to run a sales department anymore!

Here’s some more benefits you can be sure about:

  • You save time: No more driving out to clients and wasting fuel
  • Presenting is easier: don’t worry about your dongle-adaptor-thing that hooks up to the projector…
  • Work remotely: Provided your systems are in order, save on office space by working remotely – run meetings on zoom!

But here’s the thing: to get any one of these benefits, you need to become flippen great at using Zoom. Here’s how you can use a few rules to maximise your zoom meetings:

1. Get a good camera, and damn it, get some branding!

Zoom offers you this amazing feature called the “background.” And you can slide in anything you like now. No more kids in the background. Or worse, the dreaded “clothes chair.” By applying some branding work behind you, you show off three things:

  • You’re professional.
  • You could be anywhere in the world, but it doesn’t matter, you background is the same.
  • You’re proud of your business, enough to show it.

2. Never be late, be early instead

We’ve seen so many sales blundered by the fact that the salesman was late for the meeting. These happen in-person, but they happen more online. We cannot be “lacksey-daisy” – when someone has booked their time for you and you decide to be late, you send off a few underlying messages:

  • Your client’s time isn’t important to you
  • In fact, nothing is really important to you
  • You have no passion in what you do

And who wants to start a meeting off by saying: “sorry I’m late” anyway? This is why we would argue that you should be seated and ready 5 minutes before the time (and keep the kids and dogs out of the room.) It’s just more punctual that way.

3. Work on your Presentation

That’s right – when your presentation is the only thing standing between no-sale and a-sale, you’d better believe it must be compelling. And we don’t mean having a nice PowerPoint. (Even if you do have a killer PowerPoint ready) We mean your presentation. Your method of presenting an idea or concept to resonate with your client and gives them something to invest in. It means catching their attention and using it wisely.

You need to be able to convey value – and you do this, by giving value first.

  • Educating the person you’re meeting with is a great way to start, teaching them more about your industry,
  • Show them how your way is different,
  • Be able to put yourself in their shoes when they give you an objection, and solve the problem in their eyes by going ahead with you,

Zoom will be your best tool with any online selling. You can sell a product, and send banking details through, no problem – but you need to get really good at what you’re doing.