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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Sales Mastery



Black Friday is coming up (November month) – this is a great opportunity to think creatively about what your clientele wants, and what would make them jump at the chance to do business with you!

We mean, it’s a great time to practice creating an eye-catching offer that skriks vir niks, grabs your “ad-reader” by the throat and almost forces them to pay attention. So, what exactly is an eye-catching offer, you may find yourself asking.  We might think an offer is simply “a special price,” which we hope people will see the value in, but that wouldn’t be 100% correct…

An “offer” is pretty much the only reason why anyone online clicks on anything. But it’s not for the reason you think. You see, in the online world, an “offer” is a bid for somebody’s attention.

And this “bid for somebody’s attention” can have the following attributes:

  • The offer’s trade-off is in favour of the client. By doing this, you create the idea of a business that goes the extra distance even before the sale in your clients’ mind.
  • The offer is something tangible. Think of a product, packaged nicely. You can see its edges, and understand where it fits into your life.
  • An offer is compelling, because it is often the first step in building a long term business relationship with your customers. The goal is to provide ongoing value, and keep your customer with you for long.

The list goes on. This is what most businesses are missing out on when they run their “5% discount sale.” They’re trying to make a good profit on the first sale, instead of trying to build a long-term relationship with their clientele. Some thoughts to take note of when creating your offer.

1. “What’s the craziest thing I can possibly offer”… and then dial it back a little bit.

What this does is, it shows your business would go great lengths to provide value for your clientele and gives a great deal.

2. “It’s okay to miss out on the first sale” (depending on your industry, selling a bakkie canopy is different to selling a boat.)

Once you have the client and have created a good experience for them, they can keep coming back. The goal is to build a list. With that list, comes the opportunity to educate them regularly and provide value that goes beyond the first, second or third sale. The relationship between you and your client is the most valuable outcome above all.

3. “The better and more specific the offer, the better the results.”

Too many businesses sell a vague idea of their services. They sell 3 services in one advert, and as a result, you can’t really see the full value it will bring to your life. This makes it hard for an attention-span-deficit reader to visualize how this business will fit into their lives/lifestyle.

The best results come from businesses that thought long and hard about what their clientele want and make it easy for them to get it. So, try to be more specific!

We have seen time and time again, the businesses that win, are the ones that create great offers and know how to sell them.

It starts with:

  • Understanding what your clients want to buy (not what you want to sell!)
  • Making it incredibly easy for them to buy (you’d be surprised how hard some businesses make it, to buy their things)
  • Creating a sales system that sells this offer automatically, so you can track the sales, not do the selling.

With this, we hope you can get started on your Black Friday offers today.