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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

SPLASH PAGES: The top 3 things that you’ll notice when you use one


Spend enough time with us on Zoomination.co.za and you’ll begin to find that new terms and ideas start to sprout all over…

One such term is a Splash Page, and we talk about it A LOT. We find that they’re an inevitable tool in the toolkit of any business owner. And by this, we mean, you can do a lot with a really well-designed one.

A question you might have: What is a Splash Page?

We cover this in depth in our “Splash Pages 101” Blog, but here’s a short recap: A “Splash Page” is a one-pager website you use to promote one idea, product, or service. This works hand-in-hand with the platform you use to drive traffic towards your business, and they work great. We’ve heard a ton of questions from our clients… Somewhere along the lines of:

  • “What should I put on my splash page?”
  • “What should I come to expect as results?”
  • “How do I get more traffic to my splash page?”

And we’d like to answer them!

1. What should I put on my splash page?

The goal of a splash page is simple: conversion. If you do this right, you will convert the “reader” into a “customer.” But in a world of skepticism… (I mean, are you going to buy something online, just because some page told you to?)… Your goal should be to drop the sense of skepticism with a three key points:

  • Information!

Like actual helpful information about your industry, that your reader never knew before. When you do this, your reader actually gains something by simply reading through the page.

  • Understanding

When you can enter the conversation your clients are having in their minds already, by describing the problem very well, it does a lot for you. Your reader will more easily trust you and feel like you can actually solve the problem for them (after all, you explained it so perfectly, how could you not solve it?)

  • Lastly, A Great Offer

Now that you’ve given the “lay of the land” and described the problem… what comes next? Oh yes – the point of conversion. This is where you make it easy for someone to buy into your solution. And no, we don’t mean with a “15% discount” – we mean something that almost shocks the reader. This “offer” takes creativity and thought, and often will be a bit of a “loss-leader” for your business – with the idea that they become a lifelong customer.

2. “What should I expect when I use a splash page?”

Here’s what most businesses start to see when they’ve gotten a handle on a Splash Page… No. 1: More people start to phone their business, they start to get more attention. And attention today is a currency on its own.

The longer you can keep people engaged with your brand, the more time they can find what they love about you. See, sometimes it’s never about the product, or the discount you gave – it’s about how you made the customer feel. Do the right things with their attention, and you might find you convert more sales than ever before. But you have to keep directing people to your splash page, if you want this to keep happening.

3. “How do I get traffic to visit my splash page?”

Since the start of advertising, the #1 keyword we find to be the important is “traffic.” And traffic wasn’t exclusively an online thing. Traffic has been around since we’ve used it to describe “cars driving past a billboard”, or “monthly subscribers to a newspaper.” What’s to know is that there is a quality to traffic, and a price you pay for that traffic. Facebook is a great one because it shows you who you are directing to your splash page – you can find out your dream client – and get more of them. I.e., Get a great quality of client.

Google ads works too – We’d suggest trying both out and checking the results you get!

A splash page is one of the greatest tools you can use to build your list of customers – We’d suggest contacting an expert and letting them build it for you, knowing what you have learnt here. If you find an expert that understands the results for these core questions – you’re on track to getting brilliant customers online.