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Monday, April 22, 2024

Why You Want To Host Webinars


Have you heard of the breakout new method of advertising that brings customers onboard like never before?

This week, we are talking about you, the business owner, and how you can leverage your experience in your industry to get customers (if you’re brave enough!)

We are seeing more and more entrepreneurs holding mini-seminars, filled with groups of people numbering 50-250, and making a name for themselves.

They teach you about their industry, and empower people to take the first steps towards making less mistakes…

Here’s an example – at Zoomination.co.za, we hold a Zoom meeting each week, where you can get fresh ideas from business leaders in South Africa.

Business owners all over South Africa learn new things like:

  • Get New Customers Pouring Into Your Inbox,
  • Build a Sexy Business in 90 Days,
  • Remarket To The Right Customers To Massively Increase Profits,

But now, we have to ask the question… Why should you do this every week? Sure, we ask R995.00 a month on a debit order, you can build a pretty sexy business that works almost automatically…

But what’s the incentive for you (as the host of your own mini-seminar) to do this in your industry?

1. Automatically, You Are The Expert

Look, when you are marketing a lesson, someone has to be the teacher, right?

People that attend with automatically learn that you are the authority on what you’re saying. They feel they can ask you any question, and get the answer they desire.

Try to take your lesson and make it digestible, easy-to-understand and of course, tell stories.

Stories of people, past happy clients (that are okay with you talking about their story) and of course, how it fits in with what you’re teaching.

2. You Create Lots Of Goodwill!

Some businesses may cringe at the idea of holding a free/discounted training session online.

Nerves aside, it feels strange to give, without the expectation of a return – yet this is the best way to prove your expertise – you don’t even need their money!

Giving online training (for free) is a brilliant way to build a nice list of engaged viewers.

Now sure, you can slide in a nice deal at the end of your presentation, without feeling icky.

But it’s important to note that when 15 minutes of your session consists of a pitch, and the previous 60 minutes consists of high-quality training, that will no doubt help your viewers get started…

You can rest assured that someone will bite – and get value for your time – it’s not all a pitch!

3. You Build A List

We touched on this before…

When you are educating swathes of people, each week, each month, you cultivate a group of engaged “potential” customers.

  • They join regularly (engagement),
  • They ask you questions (which help you craft your offer, regular objections and sales pitch),
  • They may likely turn to your company first (rather than last),

The best part? It’s YOUR list. Where Facebook and Google gives you the option to send traffic wherever you like – it remains THEIR traffic – THEIR list.

When you build your own list, you create a list of people who are more ready to buy, than a cold list of people who have never met you.

There are many platforms you can use to do this – like Zoom – but ultimately it falls in your lap to decide.

Will you take the leap to become an authority in your industry?