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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The 1 Thing You Need to Make Your Adverts “Readable”, and Everything Before That



Did you say you want to make money from your ads online?

You want to create online advert campaigns that generate 10x more sales than what you’re currently getting today? You want your leads inbox to be full of eager, interested people that know your brand, your special offer and what it takes to get it?

Let’s say that you do – you want to make a ton of sales online…

But you’re not quite sure where to start aside from asking questions… Here are a few startup questions you can begin with, today, right now!

#1 – Where can we find your business?

Where does your business live online? What we find is, 80% of South African business owners are tentative around placing themselves online. Instead of embracing it fully, they’re “half-stepping” into it

Introducing STRATEGY A:

The business owner elects to get a website, maybe a Facebook page to start! Then, they scarcely change anything on the website for 6 years, and scantly post on Facebook when it’s Heritage Day… Can online work if you take this strategy?

Comparing this, to… STRATEGY B:

This is where you have a strong strategy online to start with. You’ve thought about it for some time and feel it’s good to get results.

You link Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn TO your Website, and regularly:

  1. Educate people (with blogs, video training, live interviews)
  2. Inspire readers (with stories of you helping customers)
  3. Direct visitors (longtime followers will visit pages for the new announcements you make)
  4. Finally, motivate followers to make an investment

Which strategy can you say, you are using today?

#2 – Where Are You Meeting Your Customers?

Your customers are out there. Obviously, you can’t call them customers yet – for now they’re just people, happily browsing online. But you get to meet them on a level playing field.

You get to understand:

“The typical frustrations people face when dealing with your industry”


Package the solution to these industry-frustrations nicely.”

Your business and your adverts act as a conduit for them to solve their frustrations. It’s simply up to you to meet them at every available point you can and make sure you ask…

#3 – Ask yourself “Can people even read my adverts?”

We tend to think our customers look at our world with the exact same outlook that we do. But they don’t!

Whenever you make an advert online, or a blog on your website, take into consideration that you may be suffering from “expert-itus!” This is where you use elaborate lingo, jargon and heavy terms to say what should be simple.

Your customers often don’t get the lingo – they haven’t been in your industry for 10-20 years! They don’t know the “dangers of not doing… x” or “how to save …x by doing …x.”

The creative businesses always take their industry knowledge – and making it incredibly easy for anyone to understand “How to solve [X] with [Y] solution.”

Meet your customers where their expertise is.

All your adverts should be clear, concise and showcase ONE problem, with ONE solution – so clearly that a person sipping on their morning coffee at 5:00am would be invited to read whatever you’re putting out.

Asking questions is the best way to start any venture – and online marketing is a venture all on its own. We hope you ask the right questions!