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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Business Booster

When It’s Time To Move On, In Business


“Time doesn’t heal all wounds.
You just have a short memory.”

What persists in our minds is often a reflection of what we find to be important – can something be bugging you, that isn’t easy to shake?

Here’s an example:

“If the reason why each new staff member you bring onboard is greeted with a one-sided 29-page contract, filled with avenues and backdoors that solely protect your business and not the employee… Could your thoughts be stuck with the staff member who stole from you 5 years ago? And could these hang-ups be preventing your new team from trusting you fully?”

What we see more and more, is that our emotional hang-ups have the power to influence our decisions, and by default, our future. At Zoomination, we believe that in order to grow our businesses phenomenally, we as a business owners must take responsibility for ourselves and our thoughts. A weak mind will not grow a strong business.

A mindset “beyond” its circumstances, will treat each challenge as a challenge that can be solved, not a soul-crushing, insurmountable task. Easier said than done, we understand. This is why today, we want to focus on two specific habits you can be aware of when you want to regain perspective and develop a strong business mind.

1. Who Do You Speak To?

There is something powerful about having your ideas reflected back to you – in a different way. Certain people can only do this for you, when they themselves have experienced what you are going through. If you run a company and have nobody to relay your experiences to (for feedback), you will never have a benchmark for what can be.

You’ll only have people affirming what’s already been done – and typically, will create a lot of “yes men,” who agree with everything you say as your experience cannot be challenged in any way.

Do you have business owners to whom you can speak to and productively have your suggestions, thoughts and ideas rephrased back to you?

If not… try considering the question:

2. Are You Learning From Somebody Else?

There is always something to be learnt. Learning new business concepts, ideas and methods of approach helps seed the only idea that counts:

“There is always a better way.”

If you’re 100% confident and secure in your business, something can’t be right. Learning regularly from a business mentor, a serious business mentor, is like setting the bone right – otherwise your business will grow into all sorts of weird shapes…

They’ll give you suggestions, like:

  • What steps to take next, based on where your business is at,
  • How your challenges fit into a bigger vision,
  • Books and courses to take what you do, even further,

See, it’s not so much that it’s the mentor per say (sure, you want them to be credible and in control of themselves) but rather the process which keeps you accountable to your actions.

Each session requires you to have achieved what they have suggested you take action on and being plugged into a process is one way for you to get and maintain perspective.


By creating a strategy for A. getting new perspectives (from formidable business owners) and plugging into B. a process which keeps you accountable

You actively start having a method for building your own strong business mind, one that doesn’t:

  • Get lost in the rabbit hole of survival-mode,
  • Hold onto hurt, rejection and failed ventures,
  • Allow itself to weaken,

And with a strong mindset – we are certain you’ll be able to build a strong business to match it.