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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Instagram Reels – The New Frontier For Your Business.


Did you know there’s a storm brewing?
Recently, Adam Mosseri (head of Instagram), made the announcement that Instagram is deliberately changing from a “photo-sharing” company to an entertainment and “video-sharing” company.

You can expect higher hits and greater traction from marketing/posting/sharing videos on Instagram as a Reel, than a picture with some writing.

This opens the question up.

First and #1 – What is an Instagram Reel?

The reel is Instagram’s answer to TikTok’s meteoric use of:

  • Short video formats
  • Punchy text, dialogue
  • Trends, songs, sounds

If you want to do marketing online, you need to consider this: short, punchy videos are the newest language barrier to confront, second to Mandarin or English. Think of any funny video you’ve seen anywhere today. You’ve most likely seen it portrait-mode, with a little “TikTok” logo in the corner. But this isn’t some strange trend.

#2 – Learn the new marketing language to fit our attention spans (not the other way around)

Short. Punchy. Clear. Businesses worldwide need to assess the playground ahead of them. There are streams of traffic, waiting to be tapped into – you simply need to be clear about what you will say to catch their attention. Do you know where to start?

#3 – The world of “Infotainment”

Similarly to making medicine sweeter to easily swallow it… The people you know you can help are out there – you just have to give it to them the right way.

They will listen to what you have to say – if you package it in a way that is…

  1. Interesting (This is for me?)
  2. Engaging (Wow, I want to keep watching this)
  3. Showcases the problem (And the consequences of not fixing it)
  4. Finally, describes the solution well (and who better than you, to contact and fix it?)

See, what we’ve described here is the ordinary sales process. Nothing there has changed – but the way in which your customer will engage with the sale has.

The sale hasn’t changed – the medium has. And if you use the medium right, you could position yourself as the right person to go to, every time! Short. Punchy. Clear. IF you can tell a great story, with a video, leaving behind a lesson for your watcher to take home

Example of a reel you can do:

What if you could tell stories of your best client who, after struggling for months, eventually decided to take the next step with you? And now you showcase how dramatically their life has changed for the better?

#4 – Build yourself as the company with ideas

  • When you use the latest tech
  • When your social media is FULL of individual posts that each teach you a new idea.
  • When someone can share your work easily to a friend online

These are all things that send out the signal that you’re REAL. That you INVEST in your business and by default, you invest in your CUSTOMERS.

Instagram reels asks the question to business owners… Are you prepared to reap the massive benefits of video marketing?