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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

How To Get Out Of The “Thick Of Thin Things”


Do you know what real passion in your business look like?

Business owners nationwide say the same thing: “These entrepreneurs have an enthusiastic look in their eyes – all they can think about is the next move as they leap out of bed. There’s a question on their mind – and they want the answer. They take their work wherever they go, explaining voraciously how they solved a problem here, made a deal there, while their spouse listens intently, suggesting, iterating…

When you ask them what they do… They’ll tell you what they believe in, and how their business reflects that. They’re connected to their company, almost linked, they know their numbers. They know what they need to do to grow those numbers

…It’s just a matter of hours until the next day opens up – for them to take on the world again.”

What does real lack of passion look like?

“There’s a real dull look in their eyes as they slip out of bed in the morning. As they sip their morning coffee, they stare hazily into their phone.  They’ve tried everything, but at every turn, there’s something in the way. Every day is a matter of “going to work” and coming back. All they do is manage their staff, behind a thick stack of things to do. When you ask them what they do, there’ll be a pause, and almost hurriedly, they’ll brush over it.

The profit needle hasn’t moved much – their customers don’t seem to want to stick around much – their product offering hasn’t changed much – and certainly, we are nervous to try Facebook advertising – it’s all too much.”

The passionate person feels like there’s a place in the world for them –they’re pretty clear on what they can achieve, and they seek to make it happen. They ask the questions, right or wrong, and chase the answers.

The dispassionate person is swirling around in what they call their world – not incredibly attached to much – but they don’t seem to ask… because they won’t like the answer: That question is… “What am I doing with my life?” And this is the kind of question that’s hard to get to. Purely because it leads to a lot more questions, the ones that force you to align your focus to building a better life for yourself. Would you like to know what questions to ask to regain your passion?

What Should I Start Doing?

There are things that we have put off, for the longest time. Can you unpackage what those things are?

Often, it’s easier to stick to our routines, because we feel safer with them. But uncover the things you should start doing, and you might find that there’s a fear somewhere, that keeps your idea from taking shape.

Perhaps you want to get great at video-marketing, but have been putting it off… Why? And why not start now?

What Should I Stop Doing?

Do you have bad habits that need to stop – pronto?

Again, when habits become a part of our identity, it becomes very difficult to separate ourselves from the habits that don’t serve us anymore. For example, if you find yourself directly handling staff performance issues 6 out of the 7 days – you don’t have “fires” to put out – you have a company with a staff training issue.

Certain things require your focus – and as the owner, it’s important to separate your immediate DO’s from your immediate DO NOT’S. Can you identify the things you need to stop doing, immediately?

What Must I Do More Of?

In your business, you have skillsets that have been mastered over years of practice. From this, you can draw massive amounts of confidence, because you feel highly competent.

Let’s say you’re a brilliant salesperson – Why are you spending time taking out the garbage, when you could be out there, selling?

Identifying where you spend your time will help you deepen your focus towards what’s really important (to you) and by default – your company.

What Must I Do Less Of?

Referring back, why are you emptying out the dustbins at your company?

If your skillset lies in strategizing, planning and selling, every minute spent on anything not in line with your skills actually does your business a disservice (ethically, speaking.) Your company’s health needs you to hunker down on what you’re great at, if you are to continue shaking up the game in your industry.

Asking yourself these questions helps align your schedule. It’s important to note what your day looks like, and why. What does this help with?

Do you really want to grow your company?

  • If yes, why?
  • If no, why not?

Questions are not difficult, they’re waiting to be asked by you, everyday – it’s our ability to come to terms with the possible answers, that is hard.