Zoomination Uncovers Copy-Writing Secrets


Copy writing? You’ve heard of it, but what is it? It has many names – sales writing – sales copy – content writing – and you will hear about it all the time, when working with the following:

  • Blogs
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Sales pages
  • Social Media advertising

And so many more. Pretty much most sales things online use copy-writing, aside from the sneaky Reddit post or the direct message.

We’ve taken a deep dive into books, experts’ worldwide and our fair share of YouTube videos and discovered a common thread:

“It’s not just writing, you see, it’s salesmanship in writing.”

If you want your writing online to take a reader on a journey towards buying something from you – you’re getting into copy-writing. Now that you know what copy-writing is. Let’s get into why it’s important for you to use it in the right way for your business!

The Bottom Line: Great Copy-Writing Boosts Your Sales

Have a scroll through Facebook. Every piece of writing you find from a business, either will or won’t grab your attention. In fact, we’d argue that it’s truly one of the hardest things to achieve, if you don’t understand what a copy-writer’s real job is.

The best copy-writers in the world take their idea (what they want to sell) and make it seem like it’s your idea (to buy it.) Every scroll you take – planned for. The way your eyes gloss over a piece here, and a word there – carefully identified and shifted around to fit your eyes’ next move. And the best part? You thought it was your choice!

“Oh, you think you’re reading this sentence?”

We write with the idea to keep you hooked to our ideas. It’s not weird – it’s just good writing. And it’s best to get good writing on your side.

There are a few hallmarks of great copy-writing – and we want you to have them, when you pick your next content writer…

Good sales writing is like a store window:

You see a chair, you like the chair, you buy the chair. Online, you see a chair, your eyes shift to the “splurb” underneath the chair, it tells you this is a “vintage-designed industrial steampunk chair, perfect for any man with a Ferrari and a mancave” – you go “Wow! This is incredible!” and you buy the chair.

Painting a picture in the minds of your readers helps keep them reading that little extra bit more. Great copy-writing feels clean and clear, like a glass of water (with ice!) – providing an unobstructed view of where this product/service will fit into your life exactly. Online, you’ll find a lot of “MBA-talk” on companies and their websites. This is defined as high-syllable-count words, words that might help you see that they registered on the CIPC – but won’t help you make a clear decision.

“Do I want to buy from you?”

Being clear that what you’re saying should be your first goal. If the words aren’t creating an image in your head nicely – that should be the first red flag.

Understand the context

Have you ever sat at the dinner table, at a family get-together, and while your mom is dishing out the potato salad, your cousin leans over and begins to explain to you (adamantly) why you need to understand that the world is flat? Context is important man!

The right discussion, at the wrong time, is the wrong discussion! As a business owner, you need to know that each website type has a different “conversation” going on – here are a few examples…

  • Company Website? The conversation is about “why should Mr customer fall in love with your business?” – and you go from there.
  • Facebook Advert? If you’ve chosen the perfect offer to sell, the conversation should be “where will this product/service fit into my life? And why is it SO CHEAP?”
  • One-Page Sales Site? Following the idea of the perfect offer, this sales page should discuss “why leaving this page will mean you missing out, Mr Customer”

Keeping all this in mind, puts you in the right space to consider why you should have good writing for your business. We’ll go into detail on what works best for each site in our next blog. Until next time!