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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Improve Your Customer’s Experience With This One Simple Hack!


Every customer who meets you gets to say ONE of two things, after dealing with you:

  • Either they say:” Wow! This was amazing.”
  • Or they will say:” What did I just agree to?” and/or cancel.

How many times you have walked away from a business dealing disappointed, disgruntled and less hopeful for the prospects of our entire country?

That’s right – probably more times than you can count. But in the same breath, there have probably been a few golden moments where the moment, your emotions and the service aligned beautifully.

Let’s take a moment to consider the #1 thing we miss, when developing our “customer care” protocols – a quote by the Swiss Founder of Analytical Psychology Carl Jung:

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.”

We sometimes forget that our time is truly limited, and that by taking this into consideration, we automatically become more attentive towards the people in our lives, not just our customers.

The best customer experiences happen when someone goes above and beyond their station to give you something unforgettable.

PS.  It doesn’t even have to be the service itself! (Just the experience!) So, what does this translate into?

More Attentiveness (More phone calls, mails, and ultimately, understanding)

“Dear Mr or Ms Customer, can I help you with something today?” Have you ever seen a butler before?

Normally, they’re rocking a Michael Caine accent, dressed superbly and look at you with eyes that suggest a deep familial care that supersedes the call of duty. Oh? Your clients don’t resemble Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy?

Well, don’t let that stop them from getting the careful attention to detail we’ve come to respect from Alfred Pennyworth. If your customers are regulars, and depending on the kind of service you offer, ask yourself whether you fully understand what it is that they want?

Continuous Improvement to Your Service!

Do you know what the sexiest thing is on this planet? That’s right buckaroo – GROWTH. Have you ever met someone that, after leaving them for a month and coming back, have grown in ways that are simply incredible?

Companies give an exact, if not better feeling. You feel safe in their hands. It is incredible to be partnered with a company that actively tries, fails and eventually succeeds at improving on what they do – i.e., the actual value they provide to the customer. Are you consciously working to improve your offering – not for the sake of higher profits – but rather, for the value of your customers?

And are you informing them of your plans, with your improved attentiveness as per point #1?


Populations either make improvements upward, or spiral downward. “Positively stagnating” doesn’t exactly sound nice, and well, we believe that this applies to both individuals and groups. More so, you can improve by yourself, and only have you to pat yourself on the back – or you can have a whole team of people to cheer you on. Collaboration makes things better.

If your service can inspire its own community, this becomes an upward improvement situation, where each positive interaction of excellence in service is witnessed and inspires the next person.

(Note: subconsciously, we actually experience joy when we witness someone helping someone else – we don’t even have to do anything – which is why “feel-good” posts online are so viral)

There are so many benefits to treating someone else’s time as something valuable. They aren’t a simple customer. They are a person, and you can help them.

This is what great customer service could look like. Starting today with your customers.