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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Automation: “Okay, But Have You Tried Turning It On And Off Again?”


There are a handful of banal things we (as business owners) deal with, repeatedly. Let’s say you have an IT company, that regularly receives an influx of calls asking about their specific modem.

This happens so repeatedly that, in all honesty, a simple Google search would have satiated their curiosity. This happens for years. Frustrated. You make the decision.

You make the GREAT SHIFT, and ultimately delegate this inevitably incredible, important task of answering client questions to your Personal Assistant… Linda.

Linda answers these same questions with the fervor and enthusiasm any chain-smoking borderline-narcoleptic can muster. And this goes on for months!

And as the cigarette butts fill up in the ashtrays, and the customers grow tired of Linda’s tired tone, calling on us less and less, as the leads dry up… You find yourself asking…

“Wait, why isn’t this working?”

We get it, I mean, who wants to feel like a robot, answering the phone again and again, right?

That’s right. Not you. You’re a human being, with like, free will, and stuff.

Give these robot jobs to the robots.

Leave us out of it. You say. “I’m no damned Robo-Cop.” You shout angrily. You don’t want the Sisyphean job of hurdling answers back and forth up hills for hours and hours. No-sir-ee, not me, you say.

Except here’s the truth we keep seeing – You ARE a robot. We find so many business owners in this situation, time and time again, barely even reaching the delegation-to-Linda stage of automation.

Whatever reason you might have for “being-a-business-owner-but-not-delegating-something-to-a-more-skilled-person…”

We’re sorry – No “reason” survives the “Delegation-To-Linda Test.”

Because here’s the thing. To trust someone to do the job, however badly they may try, takes a fundamental understanding of knowing this:

Your time means something.

If you don’t understand this, no amount of delegating or “buying new automation tech” will help. This is the reason WHY we delegate.

It’s because deep-down we understand that morally, we have a certain skillset to offer the world – and by bogging ourselves down, we deny the world our gifts, our skillsets!

Similarly, choosing to do all the work yourself undermines all the possibilities to help teach and grow others around you with new skillsets!

 You see this with:

  • Entrepreneurs who source, manufacture, market and sell the product themselves, from their garage.]


  • The business owner that decides to “take on building his own website…” It’s an accountancy business.

This works great when you’re young, scrappy and enthusiastic. But when you’ve been working IN your business for the last 15 years…

Maybe it’s time for a change.

Your “Automation + Productivity issue” could really just be a self-esteem thing to address (not viewing your time as something valuable, at your own cost, doesn’t serve you) essentially, meaning that your company’s productivity held hostage to a deeply-embedded core emotional issue, an inability to let go of control somewhere.

Beep. Bop. Boop. Don’t Be a Robot.