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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Why Having Hot Clients Matters.


It’s not what you think. We’re actually talking about how “hot” or “cold” your potential clients feel towards you, your business and where you’re going…

Now, there is a rule when it comes to online advertising, namely that:

“Your communication needs to match the “temperature” of your clients.”

So, What Do We Mean When We Describe Temperature?

Online, you’re going to get three stages of temperature to describe the way in which a new lead sees your business:

  • Cold Lead: Doesn’t know you from a bar of soap
  • Warm Lead: Has started a conversation with your team, sounds interested, even excited!
  • Hot Lead: My socks are on fire! This lead is a sneeze away from becoming a brand-new high-paying client of ours!

It’s important to visualize this.

It definitely makes online selling easier for you, because you don’t have to continuously panic, when your stab at online marketing doesn’t work the way you want it to.

We see business owners make the same mistake: they sell to EVERYBODY, indiscriminate of whether the lead KNOWS their business or not.

Right out the gate, online people get approached by companies, as if:

  1. They already know who the business is and what problems they want to solve (Awareness)
  2. They already have an in-depth understanding of the solution (Education)
  3. They should know WHY they want to invest NOW (Consideration + Conversion)

Now, these are three steps that must take place consecutively. Over time.

(Adept marketers work on a 3-month plan to develop awareness, create consideration and execute conversations)

“Okay Zoomination, I Get This. What Now?”

Match your temperature of conversation, with the temperature of where the lead is at.

Step #1 – Be aware that different temperatures exist. (Cold lead)

People need to first know who you are (as a company) and why you aim to solve this problem (your cause.)

It’s like walking up to someone new and interesting at a party and saying “hi!”

You discover that you both love the same music. All of a sudden, you warm up to one another, and a conversation can start to take place.

Who knows where we’ll end up tonight?

Step #2 – Create various levels of engagement. (Create Warmth)

What material do you have online?

Most businesses have a website, which explains the basics. They may even have a Facebook page, where they casually post bits and pieces.

But imagine if you could have regular posts! For example, educational videos that YOU have made, that allows this newly introduced party person to check you out, in their own time? 😉

You see, when you have a “buzz” around your business, i.e., when you look alive, make posts, run regular ads at cheap prices etc…

You make it easy for people to find your business, comment on your posts and share your stuff to their friends…

Step #3 – Make it a dream to buy from you. (Hot)

This part involves your online selling part (how easy is it to pull out my credit card and buy from you right now?) and bleeds a little into your selling/servicing section.

If you can optimize your website/landing page to help people buy from you more easily… You’re treating a HOT lead the way a HOT lead should be treated.

This approach is true to life, as it is to business.

Just as you wouldn’t expect someone to become close as family in an instant… Strategic patience and understanding can ultimately reward you with dream clients who love your brand, your products and won’t shy away from investing more.